by | May 16, 2019 | Tempus News

What’s the story on dual pane low e windows?  We all know about the excessive heat we experience in the summer months. When a home has single pane windows, the question arises; “Should a homeowner invest in dual pane thermal windows to keep the home cooler and perhaps spend less on a/c costs?”  There is no question that the thermal pane windows will help lower your cooling costs, but by how much?  How long will it take to recover the cost of new windows?  That’s the real question.  How long?  An average sized home between 1500-2000 square feet will cost approximately $6000 to replace the home’s windows.  Over a 20-year period, you would have to save $300 per year to break even on your investment.  It is highly likely that your energy savings during our hot months of June, July, August and September will not amount to $300. Think it through before you invest the money for new windows.  If you want new windows for the aesthetic look and enjoyment, then probably it is a worthwhile investment. If you’re looking to save money on energy, then it might not be worthwhile.